other copywriting portfolio examples

Other Copywriting Portfolio Examples




Sometimes copywriting can’t be neatly wrapped into a couple of categories or topics.  That is what this page is about.

Here are other copywriting portfolio examples don’t fit neatly into the Produce Safety and Public Health spaces.  A link to my personal blog HappyRealWomen is on this page, too!


 SuccessfulLives CS


A case study and grant progress report (not represented here) for Successful Lives.  This is a final draft, with placeholder pictures for the client to replace with their own.


Kamut(R) Spec Case Study


A spec case study for Kamut International.  Note: they did not hire me to write this case study.




other copwriting portfolio


My personal blog, Happy Real Women, where I write on Christian women’s living topics – bible studies, tools for improving your communication skills, essential oils and natural ingredient recipes for beauty, hair, health and home.




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