Public Health Copywriting Portfolio

public health copywriting portfolio

Being heavily involved in Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL)  initiatives for several years allowed me the opportunity to write on these topics in addition to produce  safety. You will also find additional public health related examples on this page.

Below are  copywriting examples on various public health topics such as Health Impact Assessments, Local Foods, Trails, Rural Parent Leadership curriculum review and others.

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public health copywriting portfolio


Marketing content for school food hub start up.  This is a draft layout for the client’s graphic designer. The final brochure was created from this content and layout.



WTCC SupportingPartners


The Weld Trails Coordination Committee was a group of Northern Colorado municipalities of all sizes, who partnered together to expand and enhance the trail network throughout Weld County and the adjacent counties. This group was formed in 2008 and continued until  2012 when it was combined with the Northern Colorado Bike & Ped Collaborative.


Health Impact AssessmentExcerpt of a 3-Community Health Impact Assessment





RL report coverExcerpt from a Rural Parent Leadership curriculum report, making recommendations for adaptations to better fit rural settings.





Fox Valley Community Health Report


Excerpt from the final draft of the Fox Valley community health report.  This report was a very heavy data driven report, with charts and descriptions for explanation.  This is a final draft text of the report with an example layout for easy navigation.  A client partner organization was donating graphic design skills for the final product.



You can also check out my Produce  Safety copywriting examples here.

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Pam is a freelance professional B2B copywriter, consultant and trainer for the agriculture, produce safety, local foods, and public health industries. She is also a Produce Safety Alliance Certified Trainer. Email her to discuss your next project. (Whew!! She loves writing about herself in third person...NOT!)

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