Thank you for stopping by! So you want to know the longer story?  Okay, then :)   In my past life I was a county health inspector – you know the kind, where restaurant scores and inspection notes were sensationalized for ratings…but I digress.  Yeah, that kind of health inspector, except I mostly inspected septic systems.  Ewwww, right? Not for me…getting paid to play in the dirt was awesome! To be fair, though, it was mostly inspecting the construction of the system before it was … [Read more...]

  Choosing the right consultant can be challenging.  You want someone that has experience, industry knowledge, and of course, innovative ideas. No one likes to send their staff to ‘canned’ training programs, hoping they'll walk away knowing how to apply what they've learned.  And it doesn't matter how good the presentation - if you don't know how to use it - it doesn't help your organization much, and you go away feeling frustrated. Same thing goes with hiring a consultant. You … [Read more...]