About Pam

Experienced,  freelance B2B and  SEO web copywriter,  consultant and trainer specializing in  FSMA  and GAPs produce safety, local foods and public health.    

Let me introduce myself….I’m Pam Smith Wolsey,  the founder of Happy People Enterprises, a  copywriting, consulting and training company.

I am an experienced freelance professional B2B  and SEO  website copywriter, consultant and trainer to the on-farm FSMA  and GAPS produce safety, local foods and public health compliance industries.

My strengths lie in helping clients strategically analyzing and problem solving issues with project planning, start-up, implementation and sustainability.

This allows them to advance their mission, and improve the lives of those they serve.  (Honestly, that sounds a bit lofty to me, but that’s what clients tell me.)

As My Client

I become your trusted educator and advocate to:

  • Help you communicate your message clearly to your customers through professional, B2B marketing content and web content.
  • Offer the safety of regulatory consulting without enforcement.
  • Create win-win solutions  for you while maintaining regulatory fidelity.
  • As a workplace communication trainer, teach you and your team proven principles to improve your soft skills, whether you are an existing or emerging leader.

My Clients

I work with a diverse group of clients seeking guidance, reassurance and effective solutions to pressing local foods, FSMA  and GAPs produce safety, public health and workplace communication issues.

Clients include: university cooperative extension offices, state and local government agencies, industry organizations, non-profits and small to mid-sized produce growers.

I am based in Montana, and in my spare time a fitness and natural heath devotee!

Regulator Becomes Consultant…

In my past career, I was a county health inspector  – you know the kind, where restaurant scores and inspection notes were  sensationalized reported on newscasts for ratings to inform viewers of best places to eat…. but I digress. 

Yeah, that kind of health inspector.  Except I mostly inspected septic systems.  Ewwww, right?  

I didn’t think so… but to be fair…. most of the field work didn’t require me to work in the ‘poo’.

I was also the septic system program coordinator for around 18 years – no one could remember exactly!

When the ‘buy local’ produce movement gathered steam with the USDA’s Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Initiative in 2009, I put my regulatory knowledge to use in consulting, educating and writing about food safety regulations and practices, bridging the gap between on-farm Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and retail food regulations.

Since then, the FSMA Produce Safety Rule has been finalized and published. 

Now my copywriting and training has shifted to focus on helping produce growers understand and become compliant with the Produce Safety Rule.  I am a Produce Safety Alliance Trainer.

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