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FSMA Produce Safety Rule or GAPs? The FSMA Produce Safety Rule compliance dates began January 26, 2018 for most requirements, except the agricultural water related requirements. The largest farm businesses have to meet this earliest compliance date, with small and very small farm businesses having an additional one year, and two years (respectively) for most requirements. Now that the first wave of produce farm businesses are becoming regulated for the very first time, I thought it might be … [Read more...]

  13 Top Menu Trends Grounded in Agriculture [Infographic] Earlier this year, the National Restaurant Association put out a report on What’s Hot for 2016 for menu items.  This is an annual report which is intended to give insight to consumer’s food and menu preferences for the upcoming year – in this case, 2016.   These results will drive menu planning, meal creativity…and purchasing requirements! The list features 192 items total, in various categories such as: food, beverages … [Read more...]

Crack the People Puzzle Code to Success People are predictable,  once you understand them.  Using simple, easy-to-apply, proven principles we show you how to solve your communication problems quickly. Communication is key to success in business and personal relationships. Communication is Key Solve communication problems quickly. People do business with people they like... and who produce results. Relationships are the key to growth for any company.  As your company grows, relationships … [Read more...]

    4 Reasons to Have a Food Safety Plan You’re busy doing what you do best – and love – growing, beautiful, mouthwatering fruits and veggies.  Who has time for paperwork, right? I hear you! I don’t care how good Your food safety plan is,  if it’s  IN.  YOUR.  HEAD.  it’s only good for the person who has access to it, YOU! I hate to break it to you, but if a food safety plan isn’t documented, it doesn’t count.  Here are 4 reasons to have a food … [Read more...]

  UPDATE 3/23/2016:  The USDA website has been updated and the report is no longer posted on their website. Colorado regulations have also changed, so references to those regulations in the report are also outdated.  BUT the report can still be valuable if you want to get a general idea of how Federal and State of Colorado regulations impact the local food system.  Use this link to access the report --> Food Hubs and Food Safety Regulations.   In 2011, I researched and … [Read more...]

Is Your Business Plan Sitting On The Shelf or a Guiding Document? Many times, business documents get written and then sit on the shelf collecting dust until it’s time to revise them again. Maybe that sounds like you business plan. BUT it doesn't have to be that way.  With the end of the year rapidly approaching, maybe you are starting to put ‘updating the business plan’ on your radar.  Here are 10 tips for making your business plan functional and grow with your business this next … [Read more...]

  Engaging the Multi-Generational Workforce Not only is an engaged workforce profitable for the employer and share holders, but it is also a satisfying place for the employee to work. Whether employees specifically seek out the ‘contentment’ component, the majority of employees leave because of the lack of workplace satisfaction. Where you find organizations that are considered Good Places to Work, you find engaged employees, and usually a sizeable percentage of them. Most employees … [Read more...]

What sets us apart?  That’s a legitimate question.  You can choose from many training options While our approach to training isn't common, it is very effective...and that's what you want.  Fun, entertaining and experiential learning activities, are all combined in each program to help it sink in.  Here are 5 reasons to book your training with us:  1. You’re the Host. Training is done at your facility. Not paying us for meeting room rental fees and refreshments is a huge savings.  That means … [Read more...]

  Oftentimes, the very qualities that attract us to our spouse are the ones that drive us crazy!  Probably most of us know this already.  Here's a question for you:  what's your communication quotient (CQ)? What's Your  Communication Quotient (CQ)? Just like an IQ is an indicator of your intelligence level, your communication quotient (CQ) measures your knowledge level regarding communication styles. And just like your spouse (or child, parent, sibling or whoever is important in … [Read more...]