Thank you for stopping by! So you want to know the longer story?  Okay, then :)   In my past life I was a county health inspector – you know the kind, where restaurant scores and inspection notes were sensationalized for ratings…but I digress.  Yeah, that kind of health inspector, except I mostly inspected septic systems.  Ewwww, right? Not for me…getting paid to play in the dirt was awesome! To be fair, though, it was mostly inspecting the construction of the system before it was … [Read more...]

  13 Top Menu Trends Grounded in Agriculture [Infographic] Earlier this year, the National Restaurant Association put out a report on What’s Hot for 2016 for menu items.  This is an annual report which is intended to give insight to consumer’s food and menu preferences for the upcoming year – in this case, 2016.   These results will drive menu planning, meal creativity…and purchasing requirements! The list features 192 items total, in various categories such as: food, beverages … [Read more...]