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“Dear Pam, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating our team-building day for Triangle Cross Ranch. Though I have had significant experience with you regarding the DISC Assessments, it was useful to use the online feedback, your explanations of real life situations to model how that looks in the work environment that is uniquely Triangle Cross Ranch.

Prior to our team-building day, I was concerned that our staff had unrealistic expectations of each other as well as the administration.  I feared that a four hour “personality information session” would not be enough to change behavior significantly.  However, I am amazed and delighted to see how our staff has taken their own assessments and the knowledge of their coworkers and use it to build on strengths and shore up weaknesses in each other.  I am seeing less frustration and more communication of needs and most importantly of all, those needs being met.

I would highly recommend any business utilized your services for a clearer picture of how staff relate with each other as well as with the client base they serve.  Your personal knowledge of interpersonal relationships and how those translate in times of stress is invaluable!!

Thank you again for your time in assisting us to better serve our clients.”

Lorelei B. Faglier, Executive Director
Triangle Cross Ranch


“Dear Pam, I would like to thank you for all of your help and support over the years at my coaching workshops. At the last workshop, according to the exit surveys, your session on DISC was the highlight of the day! How jealous I am of that, but; how pleased I am that my clients received such valuable training, training that they felt they could use immediately.

I benefit as I listen to you go over the behavioral styles and what makes each one tick. It is truly a wonder how much better I can relate to my clients when I know their behavioral style and can match mine, DI, to theirs.

Our workshops benefit from your punctuality, depth of knowledge and that bright happy spirit you bring when you speak. I have never hesitated to recommend you to other groups as I know you will provide them with A-plus service.

I will make sure that I include you in all future workshops when we teach strategic selling. I have recommended you to several other companies where I just completed workshops and I hope you hear from them soon.”

John Benjamin
The Growth Coach


“Last December we asked Pam to come to our offices to conduct a team building workshop.  We found her to be an outgoing, energetic people motivator who taught us how to improve our communication skills.  The workshop was such a success, we plan to invite her back to do a follow-up.  We highly recommend Pam and her organization.  Her teaching skills and methods are excellent.”

Tom Haren, Owner
AGPROfessionals, LLC


“I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Pam Smith, a businesswoman who has demonstrated excellent skill in communicating the DISC personality profiles as taught by Dr. Robert Rohm.  I attended a seminar where Ms. Smith was the trainer.

As a business owner working with people it is critical that we learn how best to work with clients and partners.  As a speech/communications major, and working in a people oriented industry, personality training was not unfamiliar to me.  I have participated in numerous personality trainings learning about animals, colors and terms for personalities.  This is only important because of what I am about to tell you.  As much as I know about my own personality, the aspect of Pam’s presentations is her work in dealing with others and their personalities, which was an aspect that most of these other trainings lacked.  It was all fine and good that I knew my personality, but it was much more useful when I was actually able to apply this knowledge to others with whom I worked.

Ms. Smith demonstrates an uncanny way of working with people and helping them discover not only their personality, but how to work with people from other personality styles.  To the credit of both she and the DISC system, we got to see how our personalities are not just phlegmatic or sanguine, but how we have a blend of each of these styles.  In addition we learned about how we react under different circumstances and how these, in essence, effected our communication with others.

With Pam’s seminar and personal training sessions, a company will see tremendous results.  This training is well worth any investment of time and money because of the return, much of which will be instant.  If you want to improve your bottom line I would highly recommend you take a serious look at working with Pam Smith.”

Scott M. Helman, Owner
Helman Enterprises International


“As a teacher of students ranging from Kindergarten through high school, I have benefited from understanding the differences in how people interact in the classroom.

Pam has taught me that my perception of kids can be distractive and detracting from the learning environment or I can utilize these traits for the benefit of the whole class.  Cooperative learning groups allow me as a teacher to disperse students with different personality strengths into small groups with a task to complete.

I have benefited from understanding the DISC organization of personality traits in several ways. First is that my understanding of talkative, “social butterfly” children has grown from viewing them as distractive and detracting from the learning environment to seeing them as great community builders.  These “I” students make great partners for new, incoming students who need someone to take them under their wing and show them the ropes of a new school and help them make friends.  I now know that when I need a classroom problem solved the D’s will take that challenge and brainstorm some amazing ways on how to conquer the issue.  The S’s are always willing to help whoever is struggling and see things that need attention before I do.  They are the ones who inform me that little Suzy is crying in the corner and why.  The C’s like to organize.  Putting papers in cubbies, distributing math manipulatives, and keeping teams focused let these students thrive.”

Marissa Hutchins, Teacher
Union Colony Preparatory School


“Pam, I wanted to thank you for your presentation to the 2006-2007 Leadership Weld County class.  It was extremely informative and fun.  The class members really enjoyed working on the case studies and learning about the different personality types.  Your presentation helped make the first session of this year’s class a success.

We look forward to working with you in the future.”

Jamie L. Wood
Greeley Chamber of Commerce


“I have known Pam for only one year, but have been very impressed with her communication skills and abilities. I have experience with Pam’s ability to develop community support between stakeholders and the forming of a regional advisory group as it related to trails in Weld County. The City of Brighton has become involved, due to Pam’s creative work in forming a trail alliance among Weld County communities – Brighton is in both Adams and Weld Counties. The connectivity of trail planning with multiple communities and the need to relate to the communities the health benefits have been the main issues for our group. Pam has lead us through the process, provided interesting guest speakers on subjects that we needed to address, and provided a sense of humor when the issues between communities became at times “heated”.  It is a pleasure to recommend Pam Smith and Happy People Enterprises. Pam will be a positive addition to your project team.”

Mark Heidt, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director
City of Brighton


“Being an Independent Associate means having to do an unlimited amount of presentations.  Pam has taught me to implement my skills by improving my knowledge of my personality and how I relate to other personality types, thereby improving the communication.  This made the challenge more positive and rewarding for both the customer and myself.  After a few months of practicing these skills and focusing on the training program that Pre-Paid Legal  has for their associates, my business went right on track.  The concepts that Happy People Enterprises teaches is very fascinating and a very effective tool in my opinion for people to learn to reach their goals and have success in personal development. It has been a pleasure to know Pam and implement the Happy People skills and using such an insightful tool for a vast number of uses.”

Kathie Tucker, Independent Associate
Pre-Paid Legal