b2b copywriting portfolio

Copywriting Portfolio

Being heavily involved in Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL)  initiatives for several years allowed me the opportunity to write on a variety of topics.  My copywriting portfolio showcases some of them.

This page allows you to see all portfolio examples in one place. This is not an all inclusive list, but showcases the types of writing I can do for you.

All projects are original content, researched and written as needed to meet client requirements.

Produce Safety

Documents for various projects, such as: local food hub start up, on-farm produce grower training programs and farm-to-school projects.


Other food topics  closely related to Produce Safety and Local Foods.

Public Health

Various public health topics such as Health Impact Assessments, Local Foods, Trails, Rural Parent Leadership curriculum review and others.

Other Topics

Sometimes I write on topics outside my areas of expertise.  That is what this section is about.

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