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Improve Communication – Maximize Results

As we probably all know, communication is simple, it’s just not easy.  How a message is delivered and ‘received’ is key. In the business world, this is call ‘soft’ skills, although for soft skills, they sure are hard! 

Firsthand Knowledge of Effective Workplace Communication

Having worked in regulatory compliance and enforcement, Pam knows firsthand the value of effective workplace communication. Pam has over 25 years in the public health field.  For 20 of those years, she routinely worked directly with homeowners, contractors, engineers, developers, architects and land planners, who were all experts in their field. She also regularly made presentations to elected officials. Conveying regulatory framework is not always easy.  Because of this, Pam became a student of clear communication.

Pam received Basic and Advanced Human Behavior Certification training from Personality Insights, Inc in Atlanta, Georgia and founded Happy People Enterprises in 2005. 

She teaches companies who struggle with poor workplace communication skills how to apply and proven principles so they can improve communication and maximize results.  Her coaching style is innovative, fun and engaging! You will find she is a generous source of information.

Contact Pam today to find out what off-the-shelf and customized training and development programs will best suite your business or organizational needs.

Capability Statement available upon request.

Feel free to contact Pam if you are interested in reviewing her Capability Statement.

Previous Clients include:

  • Weld County School District 6 – Nutrition Services
  • Vestas
  • FE Warren AFB, Environmental Engineering
  • Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment, Nursing Division
  • Leadership Weld County
  • Public Health Nursing Association
  • Colorado Farm Show 2007
  • AGPROfessionals, LLC
  • Triangle Cross Ranch
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Pioneer Elementary School, Fort Morgan, Colorado

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Contact Pam 

If your company is struggling with a poor workplace communication culture, contact Pam for a complimentary evaluation to see how Happy People Enterprise can help you improve communication and maximize results.