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Oftentimes, the very qualities that attract us to our spouse are the ones that drive us crazy!  Probably most of us know this already.  Here’s a question for you:  what’s your communication quotient (CQ)?

What’s Your  Communication Quotient (CQ)?

Just like an IQ is an indicator of your intelligence level, your communication quotient (CQ) measures your knowledge level regarding communication styles.

And just like your spouse (or child, parent, sibling or whoever is important in your life) the same thing happens in the workplace.

Communication differences, misunderstandings and the related stress can all lead to an unpleasant work environment and high employee turnover.

As a manager or business owner, not knowing your CQ is  costly to the bottom line.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  People are predictable once you understand their natural ways of communicating, reacting to stress, how they are motivated, and other communication characteristics.

Learn to make the MOST of your natural communication style and how to adapt to the communication style of others to have effective, gratifying relationships, both professionally and personally.

Adult-Learner Focused

This CQ  is the principle behind all our off-the-shelf and customized training and development programs.  We also utilize active, adult-learner delivery styles to provide participants experiences in applying newly acquired skills.

To learn more about we can help you and your staff, contact us.

And if you want to know more about the metrics of Employee Engagement, and the strategies to improve yours, claim your copy of our  Engaging the Multi-Generational Workforce paper NOW!


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