Happy People Enterprises Consulting Expertise Wordcloud.

Happy People Enterprises Consulting Expertise Wordcloud.

Public Health Consulting

Even though my strongest public health background is in environmental health, being in public health at a local county health department for over 20 years gave me a wide exposure and understanding of many sectors of public health and their interconnectedness.

I am experienced in  regulatory compliance and enforcement protocols in various aspects of environmental health, including:

  • public health planning,
  • land use,
  • retail food (restaurant),
  • septic system,
  • air quality,
  • water quality.

I am also experienced in community health education programs including:

  • Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) initiatives,
  • produce food safety,
  • local foods,
  • farm to school .

By combining skills and knowledge in regulatory framework, environmental health planning and geographic information systems (GIS) I am able to strategically analyze and problem solve issues with project planning, start-up, implementation and sustainability.

 core competencies

Capability Statement and CV available upon request

Contact Pam if you would like to see her Capability Statement or CV.

Previous Clients Include:

Thompson Rivers Parks & Recreation District

Weld County School District 6, Nutrition Services Division

Real Food Colorado

Weld Trails Coordination Committee

Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment, Health Communication, Education & Planning Division