consulting service options

Consulting Service Options to Meet Your Needs!

I offer two consulting service options, depending on where you’re at and what you need.

  • Individual, solution-oriented 1:1 consulting sessions.
  • Project-based.


Project Planning, Start-up, Implementation and Sustainability

What Pam brings to the consulting table:

As an innovative, and strategic problem-solving public health professional with extensive experience in the area of regulatory enforcement and compliance I can help you see the bigger picture than what you might see yourself.

I combine my unique blend of knowledge in regulatory framework, environmental health planning, and geographic information systems (GIS) to strategically analyze and problem solve issues with project planning, start-up, implementation and sustainability.


1:1 Consulting Sessions

Do you need to ask questions and brainstorm solutions with someone?

Maybe you can relate to these —

–You have a great product or service that’s not getting the traction you want.  Is important information not being received, understood or acted on?

–Anything in the area of creating your food safety plan.  Aligning your existing practices with regulatory requirements can be confusing.

–How do I _________________?

Fill out this form for your free 30 minute 1:1 consulting session.

If you want more time, we can schedule that too!

Project Based Consulting

You are clear in where you’re going and what you need help with.  

I call this ‘project based’ consulting.

I offer consulting services in two main areas:  Produce Safety and Public Health.   Please check out these sections for more information and how I might support your next project.


Not So Sure?

If you situation doesn’t fit neatly in either of these sections, contact me anyway to discuss how I can help.