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13 Top Menu Trends Grounded in Agriculture [Infographic]


13 Top Menu Trends Grounded in Agriculture [Infographic]

Earlier this year, the National Restaurant Association put out a report on What’s Hot for 2016 for menu items.  This is an annual report which is intended to give insight to consumer’s food and menu preferences for the upcoming year – in this case, 2016.   These results will drive menu planning, meal creativity…and purchasing requirements!

The list features 192 items total, in various categories such as: food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), kid’s meals, ingredients, preparation methods and the moer.

When reviewing the list, I noticed there were quite a few items that were ‘grounded in agriculture’, but some items I thought would be high on the list, weren’t – heirloom tomatoes, for example are #93, while heirloom apples are #26.

So I decided to compile a list of menu trends ‘grounded in agriculture’ – meaning, they start at the farm, and included grains and meats (in honor of my son-in-law’s family!), and a category I called Farm Legacy.

It is interesting to look at predicted restaurant menu trends for 2016 and where my own family’s food trends match.

This list reminds anyone working in the food growing, raising, or distribution sectors that the local food movement is still top of mind for consumers.  They want to feel good about the food they’re eating, and support local agriculture, businesses and local economies at the same time.

Useful for Marketing Purposes, Too!

Put this information to use in your marketing channels (website, print, blog or other channels).  Whether you are growing or raising the foods listed on the infographic or are the food distributor, help your customers recognize your part in the local food movement.  AND provide them marketing materials they can use to show their consumers they support it too!

Think About Your Marketing

If your various marketing channels can’t clearly help your customers see your connections to these menu trends, you have a profit gap that needs to be closed.

If you need help with your marketing copy, or would like ideas on how to use this information to maximize your marketing efforts,  contact Pam for a free consultation.

P.S. If you would like a free, printable version of this 13 Top Menu Trends Grounded in Agriculture [Infographic], plus 4 tips for using these in your marketing copy, fill in the form below.


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