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Food Hubs and Food Safety Regulations Report

USDA AMS screenshot capture 3/19/2015


UPDATE 3/23/2016:  The USDA website has been updated and the report is no longer posted on their website. Colorado regulations have also changed, so references to those regulations in the report are also outdated.  BUT the report can still be valuable if you want to get a general idea of how Federal and State of Colorado regulations impact the local food system.  Use this link to access the report –> Food Hubs and Food Safety Regulations.



In 2011, I researched and wrote a report on the Federal and State of Colorado food safety regulations that a startup food hub would need to consider as a part of business development.

This was for the client I was working for at the time, and provided valuable information for any food hub enterprise that was subject to Colorado regulations.

It was written from the perspective of understanding the regulatory chain of enforcement and what regulations a local food hub would need to comply with based on their product offering. It focuses primarily on produce, but also includes regulations for meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs.

I am very pleased to find that this Food Hubs and Food Safety Regulations report has been listed on the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service website!!

I have no idea how it found its way to USDA, but now that it’s gone beyond my client’s initial use, am excited to be able to share it publicly.

Regulations have changed in Colorado, and the Food Safety Modernization Act implementation coming later in 2015 (page 8 of link) will impact local food production further, so you must take that into consideration when reading this report.

However, if the food regulatory oversight picture is confusing to you, this Food Hubs and Food Safety Regulations (see the link at the top of the page) report will still give you an overview of how Federal and State of Colorado regulatory requirements impact the local food system.

Please remember this report represents a ‘snapshot in time’ of applicable Federal and Colorado food safety regulations in 2011. Do your homework to confirm which regulations are currently in effect for your specific situation as you develop your business model.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


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