Crack the People Puzzle Code to Success People are predictable,  once you understand them.  Using simple, easy-to-apply, proven principles we show you how to solve your communication problems quickly. Communication is key to success in business and personal relationships. Communication is Key Solve communication problems quickly. People do business with people they like... and who produce results. Relationships are the key to growth for any company.  As your company grows, relationships … [Read more...]

  Choosing the right consultant can be challenging.  You want someone that has experience, industry knowledge, and of course, innovative ideas. No one likes to send their staff to ‘canned’ training programs, hoping they'll walk away knowing how to apply what they've learned.  And it doesn't matter how good the presentation - if you don't know how to use it - it doesn't help your organization much, and you go away feeling frustrated. Same thing goes with hiring a consultant. You … [Read more...]