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About Our Training Resources


Our workplace communication training programs are founded on the personality assessment developed by Dr.Robert Rohm, at Personality Insights, LLC.

Personality Assessments

Unlike many personality assessments, Dr. Rohm has developed reports that tell you what’s right about you, and identifies areas for improvement.  This is based on the acknowledgement that we are all born with natural talents, abilities and gifts.  By embracing these as strengths, people are affirmed for who they are.  Of course, where we have strengths, we also have weaknesses…areas that we can learn to improve in, for untapped successes.

Personality assessments can not only tell you interesting information about someone’s personality, they also unlock clues to a person’s motivation style, identify strengths and weaknesses for successful job placement, areas for improvement, leadership style, management style and a group’s team dynamics.

To check out the personality assessments, take the Quiz You Can’t Fail.

 Leadership Development and Teambuilding

To understand  the dynamics of how people work together, there are two tools: Relationship Feedback and Team Charts.   These would be an excellent tool for helping your executive team  with the ‘people’ aspect of managing and leading.

Please be aware that each person in your organization would also have to take an online assessment for these tools to work.  See the Shop for Training Resources menu to the right for links.

Relationship Feedback can be used between supervisor and a direct report, management and supervisor, or any other combination where two people are interacting.

This section provides a customized interaction report for two people who have taken an online assessment.   You use the codes from an online assessment to generate the report.

Team Charts are for larger groups of people where there is team interaction.

This section provides a composite graph of all the members who have taken an online assessment.  You use the codes from an online assessments of your team members.

Directions for accessing the Relationship Feedback and Team Charts:  

  1. To check out these two resources, go to the DISCOVERY REPORT website.
  2. At the Discovery Report website, under the TOOLS tab, you will find the RELATIONSHIP FEEDBACK and TEAM CHARTS menu items.
  3. Explore these links to get a feel for how both tools work.


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